Hi and  welcome to Earth Angels Diary.

What I write here, are true accounts of things that have happened to me.

My background was working with vulnerable people (homeless).

I find, that I do not choose my work, it chooses me. The last year my work has started to become more focused on helping women. Particularly those grieving child loss, and women leaving abusive relationships.

But to work with it, I always have to experience it in my life first. (I am getting used to my life being this way now).

I hope that you find that what I write, is inspirational, and uplifting. I am quite busy at the moment, so do not have time to come back and update as often as I would like.

My other blog is datingasociopath.com


Please do follow me, as I hope to be able to write more regularly soon.

Thank you for visiting my page!

Love and light to you!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!!

  1. Derek Slater

    .Hi i live in a hmo with 3 other tenants,we have separate tenancy agreements .Yet we have been told we must share our homeloss payment.I thought this was the case with joint tenancies,would be grateful of your help Derek.

    1. positivagirl Post author

      Hi Derek,

      If you have separate tenancy agreements, you are not joint tenants. Your tenancy is separate from each other. I am unsure what is a homeloss payment is? Are you in Scotland?

      I have not heard of it before? Are you talking about a deposit? If you are, the deposit is for your tenancy. WHich is a sole tenancy to occupy the rooms solely as outlined in your tenancy agreement.

  2. emma

    hi can u please email me, im going through alot of trouble with a guy and he ticks all the boxes for a sociapath and i could realy do with speaking to someone about it and ur post explains alot i would realy apreciate it, i have a 6 year old son and we have had to move out of our house because he wont move out of it, hes just got out of jail for breaching a restrainin order on his ex wich i belived she was the crazy one and horrible person now im finding out that she was tryin to warn me but now it is too late 😦 x


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