Feathers appear when angels are near

I’m from your Guardian Angel
Who’s been assigned to you.
She dropped this in her struggles
As she protected you.

Each time you feel that you’re alone,
Each time you nearly fall
I’m here to remind you:
You’re not alone at all.

~unknown author

I had often read how when your Guardian Angel is close, then you will see a white feather. Sometimes a feather can be left as a sign, called a ‘calling card’. When you see white feathers it means that your guardian angel is close.  It can mean that your prayers have been answered, that you have been helped by your guardian angel.

In January 2010, my daughter Maya was stillborn at full term pregnancy. I saw so many white feathers. A week after she died, i was so confused what i was meant to do with my life, that i arranged a night out. This was probably optimistic, especially as I had a Caesarean section the week before. On the way home in the taxi, a white feather flew horizontally in front of the taxi windscreen. I watched in amazement. After this, for the next year or two, i saw white feathers float past me. I would collect them in a silver heart shaped box, until the box became full.

Life became more difficult, and financially I struggled to make ends meet. Sometimes I didn’t have enough money food. It was a tough time. By 2012, work was strained. I had taken so much time off of work to recover from PTSD caused by the stillbir

Had the angels left a calling card?

th, it was difficult to return. So many bad things had happened, that i had lost my spiritual faith. I never saw feathers anymore. I certainly never collected any in 2012. I felt truly alone and wondered how i would get out of the financial trouble that i was in. It looked likely that i would lose both my job and my home. Then life events occured which meant that asked work for a Compromise Agreement to leave. They agreed. Paid me a years salary.  Enough to clear all of my debts. I waited until the day that I would be paid, it went into my account on 27th October 2012. I had spent the last 2 years and 9 months grieving my daughters death, and making recovery but it was slow. Life felt so empty without her.

The day that I received financial settlement into the bank, i picked up a new dog, a shih tzu called Poppy. She is perfect. I walked into my home with her, now financially secure, at least for a while. There in the middle of my black garden table, was a white feather. I think …. maybe….. that my guardian angel had heard my prayers and had helped me. I paid off my debts and for the first time, my home was no longer at risk. I felt secure. I felt peace. Was it the help of an angel? I don’t know, but it certainly felt that way.



22 thoughts on “Feathers appear when angels are near

  1. Grace Revolution

    Hello there, I’m sorry for your loss, I believe angels have been sent to help you. I’ve been interacting with angels alot and commssioning them to help me. I started seeing angels feathers last november and recently for almost everyday in 2 weeks i saw angel feathers. I believe God sends angels to serve and minister to us. Here is my stories here: http://www.gracerevolution.co.nz/2014/12/15/angels-sent-to-bring-financial-provisionabundance/

    1. positivagirl Post author

      Ah I found it by looking at the side bar. Wow, yes my feathers that I see are identical, thank you for sharing that with me. You have an interesting page. I will look through.

  2. Grace Revolution

    Hi Positivagirl! that’s amazing, yes the feathers do look the same.. sort of fluffy, different to bird feathers. For almost 2 weeks, I was seeing angel feathers everyday, and for 5 days i saw at least 6 feathers a day either from my bed, on the ground, on my shirt… now its gone. But, i dream of seeing angel feathers in my dream. I talk to angels to minister to me daily… thank you and bless :-):-)

  3. Grace Revolution

    I believe even when we dont’ see feathers, it doesn’t mean the angels are not there; they are there all the time working and helping us. Different manifestations happen at different times for different reasons to bring a different message, but I believe they are there all the time. What do you think? thank you

    1. positivagirl Post author

      Yes I agree Grace. I have often called on the Angels to help me. For lots of different things. I know that they cannot help unless you ask directly. I don’t see too many feathers today, not like i once did. But once upon a time, I was incredibly vulnerable. My daughter had died, and her father left, i was left alone after major surgery. I absolutely felt them around me then, a lot. I ask for help for lots of different things. Traffic angels, to get me through traffic and to work on time, traffic angels to help me find a car parking space, fixing angels, when appliances are broken, Also healing angels, when I feel broken.

      When did you begin your journey of working with angels?

      1. Grace Revolution

        wow, that’ sounds awesome. It was about 3 years ago when I heard this preacher saying that we should start talking to angels. One time I was in the Israeli airport customs,, because i had just been there 2 months ago vistiing, they thought it was strange that i was back again so soon. So they told me to wait in the seating area, after 3 hours of praying, i was reminded about angels, so i asked God to send my angels to help me; then literally within 1 minute, the lady from the customs came out, told me a wait a few more seconds, then said I could go!! it was a miracle..

    1. positivagirl Post author

      What beautiful music, really nice for your soul. Thank you for sharing it with me. I believe that when you see a feather floating, that it is capturing your thoughts, and that the universe is listening to you……

  4. Lopamudra

    Is it true that when you see a white feather is coming news is coming soon to you…i was asking the angels if i will soon hear from someone when i saw a white feather on ground.

  5. Lopamudra

    To present you with bit more details I was asking the powers/universe/angels about if I would hear from someone soon…any news from him… phone call, email…any communication etc… when i saw a white feather on ground. I believe this is a confirmation that I would hear from him soon and the angels are with me telling me that they are present near me and confirming my prayer /wish. Then I also saw a picture of someone on telephone calling someone which made me surer.

  6. Lopamudra

    He is a friend (till now…I like him but he does not know) and a good person, but some third person has caused some misunderstandings and said some nasty things about me and spreaded false rumors…so he is bit hurt and communication has stopped.

  7. Rhonda

    Had a beautiful white feather dance in front of my car the other day while waiting for the light and then today had a hawk fly over me dropping a small black fluffy perfect feather does this mean anything


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