Help from spirit when you need it most!

I was living in my old house. A house that needed repair. And realistically, it wasn’t really work that I could do myself. Although I did try.

It probably sounds stupid, that it had never occurred to me to get help. Outside, professional help. I had always assumed that professional help would cost a lot of money.

So, I struggled to do it alone.

One day, I returned home, and water was pouring through the kitchen ceiling from the water tank above. I had one of those ceilings that had horrible artex covering. It had been there since I moved into the property. I put a bucket underneath and went upstairs and put another bucket underneath the water tank.

For weeks, I then struggled, to try to repair the kitchen ceiling. I had needed to sell the house, and my ability to sell now seemed even further away. But I tried, at first i tried to hack it off. Oh, dear the mess that made. Then I tried to re-skim it 😉 🙂 I can only manage a smiley face as I write that.

There was me, with no skills at all, trying to reskim the kitchen ceiling. If it wasn’t a mess before, it certainly was in more of a mess, with my intervention.

So, I sat at the bottom of my stairs, and I cried. How am i EVER going to fix this? It’s just not possible. Or so I thought. I cant remember if I prayed for help. But I think I must have done.

The next day, I had randomly decided to buy a tv. Not a new one, just a second hand one. I donated my old tv to a friend.

When I got to the ladies house who was advertising her tv, I was surprised as she proudly pulled out some photos. She told me it was of her son who had been in the army and he had been awarded some special medals by the queen.

I stared hard,as the person in the photo was a boy who had been in my class at school every day from the age of 5. I was now 36 years old. I asked her how his friend was, who used to be a friend of mine. She told me he was doing well, and was now a plumber. She gave me his number if ever I needed work doing.

I  thought back to the leaking water tank that had caused so much damage, and how I had been reluctant to ask someone to come in to help.

The tv was a big heavy widescreen Sony Tv. My daughter and I somehow managed to get it into the car, and drove home. But trying to get out of the car, she gave up. Said it was too difficult, that she couldn’t get it into the house. We would have to be without a tv. I almost cried. Stood outside in the street, wondering how i would get this tv into the house, and now I have given my old tv away.

Then, a neighbour called out ‘do you need any help’? and he shouted to another neighbour to come and help me. They both, two big strong men, carried the tv into the house.

As the neighbour came in, he glanced at my ceiling, and reminded me that he was a plasterer and could help. So, in a day…. i had a plasterer who repaired the ceiling, and a plumber who fixed the leak.

It was so easy. I had been making my life so much harder by struggling alone. Sometimes, if you really are struggling for help. All you need to do, is ask. And help will come your way 🙂


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