How we connect in dreams

We are all connected. When we sleep, we return home to spirit. In spirit, in our sleep,  we agree how we will help each other on the earth plane.

Following stillbirth in January 2010, I had returned back to work at the beginning of June 2010. I returned to work, and people were surprised at how ‘normal’ I seemed. However, the truth was, that I was still in shock, and I hadn’t grieved at all.

Every Tuesday, I continued to go to the spiritualist church and sit in meditation. I think, at the time, for me, I was just going to visit my daughter. I saw this as ‘normal’.

However, a few weeks after starting work, I went to church and was stunned to walk in through the church door, and there in front of me, was a man (who was usually part of the circle), holding a real live baby girl. I stood, and looked, shocked and stunned,tears rolled down my face. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I walked out in tears. And when I returned home, I called my mother. I yelled ‘my baby is dead, mum, my baby is dead’. My mum tried to calm me down,  it was my very first realisation, that my daughter was actually dead. She wasn’t alive.

It took me a few weeks to gain the courage to return to the church. When I did, I spoke to the person taking the class, and I said, how selfish I thought the man was to bring his live baby girl in, when my daughter was dead. It was the only time that I could see her. He could see his daughter whenever he wanted. I could only see my daughter in meditation. I told her how much it had upset me, and that I cried so much since that day.

The class leader sat across from me, and looked, with a sympathetic face, and simply said ‘but Nikki, he has helped you, you see you have not grieved, and he has done this to help you. One day you will thank him for this. It was kind of him to offer his daughter to help you to grieve’ . I looked at her, and thought that she had gone quite mad. She really didn’t understand.

I asked her to explain further. And she explained how we often meet up in dreams, to help each other. And obviously, he had agreed to offer his daughter, to help me to grieve.

I thought that she was quite mad. I didn’t see how this could be true at all. But later, in my life, other events were to happen, which showed me how we go to spirit in our dreams. She was also right, from that point on, I began to grieve my daughter. 6 months after she had died.

Magpies and dreams 

It had taken a lot for me to go into another relationship. For me to trust somebody. It was now the end of July 2010, on the weekend of the 6 month anniversary of my daughters death. The relationship came to an end. I was absolutely devastated. I had decided, because of the way that he had treated me, to have nothing further to do with him.

That night, I sat on my bed in my room, which was at the top of a three storey house. I tried to write a text, to say goodbye, and day turned to night. I wrote text after text, but nothing felt right to send. I kept writing this text, and hours passed. I was suddenly startled by a ‘tap tap tapping’ noise. My concentration was broken, and I looked to see what the noise was. I stared at my bedroom window,where the noise was coming from, and could barely believe my eyes.  There was a single magpie tapping its beak at the window. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and stared, it ceased tapping and flew away. I looked at the clock, it was 4am. As I believed that a single magpie was a bad omen, I threw the phone down onto the bed, and decided not to send the text. After all, a single magpie, was bad luck, right?

Whilst I slept, I had the most vivid dream. The person that I was ending the relationship, that I had been writing a text to, was in my dream. His face was so very very vivid, and he held out his hand to me, smiled, and said just the words ‘trust me’. I glanced at my bedside clock, it was 8am. Although I had gone to sleep really angry and upset. I woke up and felt full of love for him. All my anger had gone. I just felt love.

As incident at the spiritualist church, was only a few weeks before, I was pretty stunned.  However, my heart sank slightly when I later heard from him, that he had got home from the party at 11am.

‘Ah’ I said aloud to myself, well it couldn’t have been him, as he was out, and didn’t return home until later.

Later that day, I spoke to a friend who was also at the party. And I told her about the dream, but ended the conversation with, ‘well it couldn’t have been him, as he was out until 11am’ ….. ‘but, it felt so real’ I said. My friend was staring back at me.

‘What’? I said. She paused…. ‘Nikki’ she said. ‘It is true, he was out with us, and we didn’t get back until 11am. However, he had gone to sleep in the van, between 4am and 8am, and we were banging on the van window to wake him, we couldn’t wake him and so, yes, at the time you were asleep, so was he’.

I had also gone to sleep at 4am and woke at 8am.

Connecting to others in dreams

A months later, when the relationship once again ended. He had ended it, and said he would never speak to me again. I was once again devastated. I was also confused. As why did he come to me in the dream? Why the magpie tapping at the window, if we were not meant to be together? I was so confused, and so desperately wanted answers. Was he the right man for me, or not? If he wasn’t then why the dream?

So, that night I sat up, and tried to research about how we connect in dreams. But I could find little by using google to search the internet. At 5.30am, I was tired and fell asleep. Before I went to sleep, I said to aloud ‘Dear Angels, if it is true about our connections in dreams, please take me to HIM in my dream’.

I woke at 8am the next morning, and glanced at my phone. And there were 8 texts. Bleary eyed, I opened the messages. I was left open mouthed, by what I was reading. 8 texts had been left by him.

‘Please contact me, I have had the most vivid dream last night’

‘You were in my dream last night, me and you, there was a house, and a church, and we were so happy, we were going to get married’

‘I love you, I am so sorry I hurt you. You are the right person for me’

‘I can’t believe this dream, you were right in front of me, it felt so real’

All 8 texts said things of a similar nature. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. As I knew that he didn’t know that I had asked the angels to take me to him in my dreams.

Wake up a baby is born!

8 months after my daughter died, my daughter became pregnant with a little girl. She was born in July 2011. My daughter didn’t want me at the birth. She felt it would be easier if I wasn’t there. I was upset by this, but respected her wishes, as I knew that my own daughter had died the year before in the same maternity ward.

My daughter had been sick in pregnancy, and had been on crutches. She was worried that she hadn’t managed to clean. She asked me if I could go to her house to make sure that it was ready for the baby. I went to her house, and worked hard to make sure that it was clean. My daughter was induced and her labour was progressing well. I was absolutely exhausted, I had worked tirelessly to clean her house. I didn’t mean to, but I fell asleep.

I must have fallen asleep at around 2am. At 4.20am I woke suddenly. As I did, I texted my daughters birthing partner to ask ‘how is labour going’ ….. she replied ‘ah I was just about to text you, baby has just been delivered, only just. My grandaughter had came into the world at 4.20am. The same time that I was had woken suddenly

Wake up its time to say goodbye! 

Three months later, my grandmother, who was 93, had been very ill, I had been visiting her every day for the last few days. I was never an early riser, and often woke late. On the 27th October 2011, I had been to visit my grandmother the night before, I had stayed there until 2am, so was very tired by the time I went home and went to bed.

However that morning, I woke at 5.45am. I got up wide awake, and went to the nursing home to see her. I was there just after 6am. I sat with my grandmother, and she died at 7.50am


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