A grandfathers spiritual love!!

We do not, on the earth plane, when contained by our bodies, really appreciate or understand the feeling of someone else’s love.

spiritual love

The only way that we know, is by how someone treats us. By how we feel about ourselves when we are with them. By them telling us that they love us. But we can never actually FEEL their love.

My grandfather had died in 1996. I loved him with all of my heart, and he meant so much to me. 8 years after his death, I had started to attend spiritualist church. To sit in circle and do meditation. In meditation, we go to our secret garden, and here we can meet with spirit.

My grandfather was often there, in the garden. He loved gardening, and I left him to tend to my garden. I was happy for him to be there.

This particular meditation, I sat under a tree in my meditation, in my garden, with my grandfather. It is the only time that this has happened. And what i experienced, I will never forget.

I had been feeling lonely and isolated. And just felt quite lost, and alone in life. As I sat there with my grandfather, I actually FELT his love. I felt it as if he was speaking it. It washed over me. It was an incredible feeling. I FELT HIS LOVE…. a warm sensation of love…. it was like being in love, but it wasn’t my love, it was his love for me, I actually felt it, like somebody throwing it all over me, engulfing me, it felt warm, nice, secure. It was pink….a warm bright pink, it was beautiful, i could see it, sense it feel it.   Never have I ever actually felt someone else’s love. I was blown away, for I had no idea that he loved me so much, or so deeply. No words, and no actions he could have offered on this earth plane, had ever let me know just how much.

It made me realise that in spirit, we are love. Our souls are made up of love. And it also made me realise that in spirit, there are no secrets. There are  no games. For we can actually feel how someone else feels. I mean really feel it, as if it were my own.

I know, that I can write about this, but it still impossible to explain. Unless you have experienced it yourself. What a gift… just for a short time, to experience that depth of love, from somebody who meant so much to me. I can only imagine it must have took a lot of his energy, as although it meant so much to me, it never happened again.

Maybe, it was enough. He just needed me to know, exactly HOW MUCH he loved me.

It was a very special experience. Something I wish everyone could feel, at least once in this lifetime. And an experience that I will never forget.


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