A lesson to stop living in the past – and to appreciate what I have today.

I had moved house at the end of 2009, It was a big move, as I had lived in my old house for 15 years. I owned my old house, and it was our family home. I had spent years complaining that my old house needed repair and that I wanted to move. But found it difficult to sell (I later learned that it was a house number 16, which is a house of karmic debt, but I will write about this at another time)

I moved house to provide a better home for my baby. It’s ironic, that i wouldn’t do this for me. But I would for my baby. To give her a better life. But as I finished the last piece of furniture lovingly placed into the house, my baby died. Right at the end of pregnancy.

So, I was left in a beautiful home – for me.

But, it was rented. It must have been a year later, and I was sat in my house, wishing that i hadn’t sold my house. I had forgotten so many things, and was not feeling grateful for what I now had.

I had felt this way for weeks. I couldn’t shake off the feeling. An old friend contacted me saying that “he was going out for the day, did I want to go with him”? I said, “why not” and agreed to go. In the back of the car, I was complaining how I missed my old house. I had known him for years, and he looked back at me, with a stern look and said “I can’t believe you  are moaning about your old house, you complained for years that you wanted to move and get out, as you couldn’t do the repairs”.

I had sold the house to his friend. So, he told me “you haven’t lost a lot, as by the time he did the house up, he didn’t make any money, it brought him no luck as he split with his fiance who he bought the house with, and it took him more than a year to sell” He told me how lucky I was to have sold it. And reminded me that even with specialist skills, he found it difficult to sell.

I did listen to what he had to say, and it had some effect.

Later that day I returned home, and went to the garage. I had boxes in there that still hadn’t been unpacked. In the box, there was a box of CD’s and another box of photographs. I was overjoyed to have my personal possessions back. Things that meant so much to me.

On the top of the box of music, there was two tapes. Only two. I assumed that the rest must have been in the car that was stolen. I brought the tapes into the house. i pressed play…. and was stunned to hear a reading from 2004 with a medium. I could hear me on the tape saying how I wanted to move house, and how unhappy I was. I listened to the tape in amazement, especially after the conversation that morning, and how i had been feeling the past few weeks.

I wondered what was on the second tape. Put it into the stereo and again, pressed play…. and again i was stunned. It was another reading with a medium. In all of my life, I had only ever had two readings, with two mediums on tape. I was almost open mouthed as I listened…. again, there was discussion how much work I had to do on the house, and how I wanted to move. How I so needed help to do the work. And how i needed help to move.

As I sat and I listened, I looked around my beautiful brand new home, and I felt at peace. I had no reason to complain. I had spent years of my life complaining about my home. How I wanted a home which needed no repair. How I had this idea of the perfect house in my head. And… well here I was.

And for the first time in a year, I saw things differently.

I needed a reminder. I needed to be reminded, to be taken back to the past to see, to have value for what I have now. How lucky I am.

From that point onwards. I never again complained about where I live.


3 thoughts on “A lesson to stop living in the past – and to appreciate what I have today.

    1. positivagirl Post author

      Thank you for reading, and for posting a comment Emily. It is a true story, sometimes I can get caught up how things were better in the past wearing rose coloured glasses. Sometimes we need a reminder, we are where we are today, for a reason 🙂


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