Positive thinking – The EASY way!! :)

think positive

We often see the words ‘you are what you think’ or ‘change your thinking change your world’, many people look at this, and even post these words on posters on their Facebook wall. They know the words, but quite simply they do not know how to achieve this.

You are responsible for you. There is no ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ waiting to take you away to a better life. Only you can do this yourself. And if you do nothing, and sit and wait for things to ‘get better’ things will remain the same. Why is this? It is quite simply because your mind and how you think, controls your life.

Life is complicated. And it is made even more complicated by us, as humans. You should simplify your life. Remember, that realistically, we are just thought. When we are in spirit, thought is all that we are. We quite literally are ‘what we think we are’ life is all about perception, how we perceive it to be. Sometimes we get lost and stuck. The reason for this is because we are making life far too complicated.

So, I promised to tell you, the easiest way to achieve positive thinking.  It is so simple, that you will kick yourself for not realising it yourself.

You need to realise that there are only two real emotions.

  1. Love
  2. Fear

At this point, you will be ready to argue with me, and say but no, there is this or this or this. I want you to hear me out. Whatever emotion you can think of, EVERY single emotion, will come back to either – love – or fear.

As an example, lets use the word ‘envy’. Envy is fear. Why is envy fear? Envy is fear because we fear that this person has more than we have, we fear that we are  not as good as this person, we fear that if this person has so much, there will not be enough for us, we fear that this person is better than us, and therefore this makes us feel insignificant ourselves.

So, how do we change that feeling of envy, which is a negative emotion, into one which is positive? We do it, simply by removing the fear. So if you feel envious or jealous of someone. Remove the fear, replace the fear with love. Get a pen and paper and write it down if it helps.

I want you to get a piece of paper, and write down everything that makes you feel envy for this person Harry. This is fictitious, so, I will say the following:

  • I am jealous of Harry, he is better looking than me
  • He has a better job than me, is more successful
  • He is financially more secure than me
  • He has a loving caring support unit around him
  • He is popular

Now take each of those sentences and ask yourself – ‘where is the fear’  write it down.

For example:

  • I am scared that compared to him, I don’t look as attractive – and he will get all the women.
  •  You fear is that a) you wont look so attractive compared to him and b) you fear that he will get all the women, leaving none for you.

So, what i want you to do now… is change those statements. Remove your fear. Because you are focusing on HIM and not on YOU. I want you to change this statement, and to replace the fear with love – So, for example.

  • Harry is a good looking guy, he attracts a lot of women, that’s great for me, as he can’t possibly date them all.
  • He brings quite a few fit women into our circle. Other women are attracted to me, because I hang out with Harry.
  • I feel great about myself and I know that there are women who will love me for me. If Harry only attracts women who go for looks, well those are not the type i want anyway. And this leaves more for me.
  •  I want a woman who will love me, even when I have woken up early in the morning, after lack of sleep the night before. I want a woman who will never say to me ‘oh what have you done to your hair’

Now try the other examples, take away the fear, and replace it with love. Either use those examples, or choose real situations in your life. Think of things that are causing you anxiety, or stress.  Think of something that is making you feel negative. It can be anything at all.

Whatever your situation is, whatever your thinking is, whatever your problem is. Take a piece of paper. Write your problem down on paper. Write down your fear, then remove the fear and replace it with a loving feeling. Replace it with love.

That is the easiest way to think positively. When you think positively you attract positivity into your life. The more positive you have, the more you attract.

It might seem difficult at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will become and soon it will be second nature. And you will attract people towards you, because you will be a happy, positive soul who people love to be around. You will succeed. And you will be happy.

Try it and see!!

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