The power of NOW stay with the present! Love yourself, Share the LOVE!!

The most important thing to do, when having power of the mind, is to stay with the present. Many people find this difficult to do. You worry about what will happen tomorrow, and worry about events from the past.

stay with the present

When you do this, you lose today. You lose right now. Only right now. Right at this second. Right at this moment is your life.

You might wonder ‘when will my life get better’? or ‘when will get over this’? ‘when will things improve’? If you are wondering those things, you are wasting your life. Because the only time that you have power over, is right now, right at this second.

Only right now, right at this second, do you have power to change.

If you feel sad, try to distract your mind. Do something small right now, to make you feel better. Try to focus on right now. By staying with the present, you become in full control of your life. And therefore in better control, of making better life plans for the future.

There is no magical place, in the future when things will get better, it is now. As this is all that you have power over.

One of the biggest reasons for stress, anxiety, is being in a situation that you feel is out of your control. It can feel overwhelming. But the truth is, in most every day circumstances, you have the power right now, to be how you want to be, to feel how you want to.

It is up to you whether you choose to be happy or sad. You can change your mind in an instant. The power and the choice is yours.

If you are feeling low. Do something NOW which YOU enjoy. Don’t worry about the future. Or sit in reflection on the past. You cannot change the past. You can shape the future, but it has not happened yet. Why waste today? And the joy that you could experience today, by focusing on joy that might, or might not happen tomorrow?

Have something nice to eat, go for a walk, see something beautiful, be that, architecture, art, wildlife, see the beauty that is all around you. Have a candle lit bath, indulge yourself. If you are feeling low, now is the time, to put extra effort into recharging your energy.

By focusing on what might happen in the future, or sitting in reflection of the past, you are wasting your life. Because life, your life, is simply now. Right now, right as you are reading this, at this very second. This is you.

Be with the present, take control of your life, focus on now, and you will learn that the secret of true happiness really does come from within.

Love is life. So love yourself. Love your life right now. And if you are not loving it, then do something which makes you love it. Focus your energy  onto yourself. See the beauty of you, and all that is around you. Start to love yourself, and love life again.


5 thoughts on “The power of NOW stay with the present! Love yourself, Share the LOVE!!

  1. joedalio

    Thanks for this excellent reminder. The present is the only time period where you have full control, so it’s so important to make the most of it. Remember…the present is a gift : )

  2. Jan- eimarkg

    What you have written is so true! Thank you for your insight. It made me feel better and reminded me i am not focusing on my day today. Time to stop living in the past and remember everything does happen for a reason and you are right. People do not leave us. They are always a part of who we are and what we have learned and become. Thank you, Jan

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