10 inspirational rules for life!! :)

The world is a beautiful place.  Just open your eyes and see!

If you feel sad, or lonely, you need to know, that you are never alone. You have a guardian angel, who is by your side from the moment you are born. Who whispers to you, to keep you out of danger. This manifests itself through a voice inside of your head, that inner feeling in your stomach, that sense of anxiety about a situation, or equally, a sense of calm. This is your angel talking to you. Often we choose not to listen to this inner voice of warning. Instead, we choose the life lesson instead.

We are all here for a reason. These  reasons are varied, but they are all equally important. You are important!

Some of us have a more difficult life path. But that is for a reason. Sometimes you need to be alone – to focus.

Remember, that you cannot have what you wish, if you do not know what it is that you want. The biggest thing that holds people back, is uncertainty, a lack of belief in yourself. When you know what you want, exactly what you want it will come to you.

There are angels for everything. You only have to ask. Ask for help and it will be given. Focus your energy on what you want to do, and be yourself, be true to yourself. And always remember the following:

1. You cannot cosmically order anything to do with anyone else. For people have free will. And free will always override divine intervention.


2. There are only two real emotions love and fear. Everything else stems from those two emotions. If you are feeling negative, then write it down, then write the problem again, with love not fear. It’s is easy to change your thinking and to think positive simply by removing fear – live for love.

Love or fear it's your choice

3. Soul mates do exist, but often we learn from each other, or undo past life karma that we owe each other. Nobody is good or bad, for each soul is making its own progression of learning on the earth plane.


4. Happiness comes from within. Nobody else can make you happy.


5. If you keep having relationships and repeating the same thing over. Please do not despair, it simply means that you are learning a lesson which is repeated until you have learned. When you change your thinking – your life pathway will change.


6. There are no mistakes in life. Everything happens for a reason. Often, you cannot see that reason until much later, when you have learned some more.

There are no mistakes only growth

7. The law of attraction does exist, if you think negative, and focus on the negative, then more negative will come back your way, so try to think positive.

you attract what you think

8. You never lose anyone in life. Not ever. We are all connected and we are all one. People might leave your life, but they are not gone for ever, you will see them again, even if this is not in this lifetime. Try not to waste your life, waiting for someone else.

Seperation  (1)

9. If you are heartbroken about someone, try to focus your energy back on you. Because thinking of someone, crying over someone, you are giving them your energy. And they will pick this up, and sense it, and it will empower them to stay away from you. LOVE YOURSELF!!

love yourself

10. Always try to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.


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