How I ‘see’ what does this mean?

I have never really worked to ‘be a medium’ or anything like this. I just do my work, wherever life takes me. the last 10 year and for most of my life, this has been with homeless people, people who were homeless and vulnerable.

I am very lucky in that I have experienced walking side by side with some of the most incredible people. I could help women in domestic violence situation in the morning, and work with mental health in the  afternoon, the next day I could be counselling someone with drug issues in the morning, and working on child protection in the afternoon. This was my work. It is pretty much all that I have done.

I have had no formal training to be a medium, but these two stories are true life events that happened to me recently.

The first I was talking to someone online. It wasn’t someone that I knew in real life. I saw in my mind, a little girl. She was around 8 years old. I still have that picture of her in my mind. She had long blond hair with a fringe. I saw her playing with a hula hoop. She was swirling it around her.

As I am not a medium and I didn’t know this woman particularly well, it scared me to tell her what I was feeling. What if she told me I was wrong? But the feeling didn’t go away. So, I described the little girl, and told her what she looked like. I said, I am really sorry to say this, but I just feel that she might have died in a road traffic accident. I told her about the hula hoop she was playing with. She looked very happy.

And the woman replied ‘oh yes, this is my sister, she was run over. My father reversed around the corner into her, whilst she was playing outside.She is around me often, my favourite photo is of me and her playing with hula hoops, it sits in a frame on my fireplace‘….. (she later confirmed that her sister was indeed 8 years old and with long blond hair when she died).

I was stunned…..

Another time, I was sat in my house, and I was waiting for somebody to come to see me. He had promised that he would be back at 11pm. He didn’t show. As I sat on my sofa, I saw a long banner, flashing saying WARNING and I had a strong feeling that he was in danger of going down a drug pathway.

I didn’t know who he was with. He was doing music, and wanted to make it writing music. The feeling was so strong, I texted him ‘I do not know who you are with, but please go careful, you are in danger of going down a drug pathway

He eventually did show up at my house the next morning. With a man. Who he said was a music producer. As the conversation unfolded, I was stunned to learn that the man was a man who:

  • Used heroin and crack cocaine
  • Sold Ketamine

Another time more recently, last week. I was on a message board, for support, and somebody posted there. She was asking for help. other people attacked her, but i could see exactly what she was writing and I knew for sure that she had a difficult life. I was going to ask her if she worked with people? I felt so sure that she might be spiritual, that I gave her details to this website.

She wrote back to me. What i was seeing was right….. and not only this, she had a page here too, also spiritual, and she told me how she had trained as a medium, and  most of her friends were spiritual?????

I don’t know how I knew, but she shone through. I could see she was a lightworker, who needed help.

Another time, I was in a group where there was a woman, who on a thread asking how people felt, wrote one word. I can’t even remember what the word was. I saw a banner flash in red DANGER WARNING DANGER, I knew that she was in trouble. She said that she thought that her husband would kill her. She believed that he had killed his ex partner and served time in jail. I felt overwhelmingly that she needed help. I reached out, and although she was in USA, I passed details of local DV support units. She didn’t contact them, and her fear continued. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew that this woman wouldn’t be alive for long. One day, I saw on her wall, that she had died. Only a few weeks later. It turned out that her husband hadn’t killed her. She had died of a heart attack. Perhaps he had in his own way, maybe stress can do that to you? I don’t know…..

I wish I knew how these things happened. They are the only two i can think of off of the top of my head. I guess, i hope that somebody will read these messages and help me to make sense of what I am describing?


5 thoughts on “How I ‘see’ what does this mean?

  1. Mia - Lights of Clarity -

    These experiences certainly sound clairvoyant as you knew what was to come before it did. Your connection to those who have passed as was the case with the little girl is strong. You saw her very clearly! I would also venture to say you are a healer. Given the work you do, even with your empathic nature, you certainly help transform lives in a healing way. I am certain your journey will continue to manifest in more ways as long as you welcome it. Be sure to stay protected in white light and love!

    1. positivagirl Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read it Mia. ah how i wish that there was a telephone so that I could call to ask for help.

      I know, it is ‘trust’ and everything will be ok. But sometimes, it can feel quite lonely having experiences that nobody else can see or understand.

      Meeting a few disordered men didn’t help with that either. I guess I am on the right path right now. I just have to see where it takes me.

  2. Psychic Pharmacy Tech

    Yes, Mia, I agree. And as I was reading this story, I could feel how much you enjoy working with these people. I feel a pull toward helping the disadvantaged and misunderstood. I see myself in them. I don’t understand how people cannot look at others and understand their pain, their confusion, their sins, their shortcomings, their beauty.

    1. positivagirl Post author

      Yes I am way too understanding. But being so understanding also meant that I didn’t notice that it wasn’t normal when I met nuts who turned my world upside down. I met nutter after nutter….

      It is good. But additionally, it also gives you a different view of the world. Right now, I prefer this, as I seem to be working with women. I think if i were to work, even for a bit , I would work with women fleeing violent relationships, or something like that. I DEFINITELY do not want to do it in a relationship again. Never. I have done that way too many times 🙂

      1. Psychic Pharmacy Tech

        But I am sure you have definitely set up a nice little vibrational escrow that contains what you want. When it is time, and you are ready, it will be. It sounds like you are on the right path. You went through those relationships for a reason. You have to be okay with that. It took me a while to be thankful to have been through relationship hell. It helps you to really know the right one when he comes. I am sure there were times early in these relationships that you had a warning bell going off in your head, but you chose to ignore it. This is because you were there to learn, so you ignore these things and then wonder later how you got yourself into this mess. It was all meant to be. And you sure do have a lot more interesting stories to tell now, don’t you? We are in a much better position to help others going through a psycho relationship.

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