My first meditiation

It was 2004 when I did my first meditation. Right then, yet again, I had came out of another disastrous relationship, this time with an alcoholic, who drank a lot because his brother had been graphically murdered. 


When our relationship ended I felt drained. So, I heard in my head ‘go to church’ over and over, eventually I did. At that point, I didn’t really know what to expect from the spiritualist church. I didn’t know what they did. I knew that I was spiritual. It probably sounds really silly now, but when I realised that there was a medium taking the class it scared me a bit.

It was an alien experience and the person who took the class had a lot of ego (to me there is no ego with spirit). Anyway we sat in circle and I was full of apprehension, what would happen now?

The teacher said that we would do a meditation. At that time in my life, I barely sat still for longer than five minutes, let alone to sit still with my eyes closed for half an hour.

But i was determined to give it a try.  And so I sat, closed my eyes after focusing on the flowers in the centre of the circle. To be honest, I didn’t really expect anything to  happen. What did, I will never forget.  My eyes were closed, and I sat with my feet on the floor, suddenly, there were faces coming at me, the only way that I can describe this, was like the constant flash of light of a camera going off, one after the other bang bang bang heading towards me. 

I was scared, I didn’t know what was happening. I got up to walk away (I must have been deep as I didn’t physically get up) as I got up, I suddenly had a long black cloak on, that had a hood, and I could feel pulling on the hood of my cloak to pull me back. 

At that moment I felt a burning sensation in the centre of my forehead. Which felt like a thumb pressing down hard in the middle of my forehead right above where the middle part of my eyes were. 

It was such an intense sensation. When I got home, I felt sick. Really sick. I didn’t understand why or really what had just happened? 

At that time, I belonged to an internet forum called ‘butterfly and angels spiritual heaven’ I knew that on that site were mediums, and I went there to ask what had happened to me, and why I felt so sick? 

They asked me if I had done grounding work, roots into the floor? I said no I hadn’t. So they told me what to do. I visualised roots going down through my feet until they clicked back into the ground. I felt better and no longer felt sick. 

I have never really talked about this with anybody and what happened that day has never happened again. But, what has happened is that whenever I was in a situation which was part of my work, if i was working with a vulnerable client, i would feel the pressing in the middle of my forehead, and I would say things to people to help them. I never knew how I knew to say exactly the right thing. But I did. And a lot of people said how they opened up to me, in a way that they hadn’t before. 

I wish that I knew what had happened that day. If anybody reads this and can explain to me, that would be wonderful,I am presuming that this was my third eye opening?  🙂 


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