In times of austerity – LOVE!!


Many people are being hit hard by Governments who are suffering austerity cutbacks, for an economy collapse which was not created by you. Yet you are the ones who are paying the price.

In the UK, the Government are attacking the poor the sick and the disabled. This is something that I thought I would never see. I never thought I would see such a greedy Government in power.  

You see, I have spent the last 3 years of my life, going through shock. I had PTSD caused by a horrific event in early 2010. It has been slow recovery. It wasn’t until March this year 2013, that I woke up and had connection to the outside world. News, politics, the world. Prior to this, for 3 years, it didn’t exist.

Imagine that, 3 years of your life with no connection to the outside world? You come back, and there is a new Government in power. You take time to take in what has been happening in the last three years. 

Here in the UK, the  poor, the sick, the disabled are being targeted to pay for the mistakes of the bankers.There is a new Government in power and more than 75% of them are millionaires. There are cuts to those in need, and tax benefits to millionaires for greed. 

It is a time of my life, that I have been told was coming. A time that i was preparing for. But also, it is a time, which for me, was quite alarming. 

I would say that I felt 3 things as I started to wake up to a new world. Which wasn’t like this in 2009. I felt three main emotions immediately – 

Alarm, Distress, Fear

As I took in what was happening, I could see, that the Government were ruling with fear. That people were scared. People were scared they were going to lose homes, they were scared they were going to lose jobs (and then lose their homes) …… So many people, are right now, fuelled by hatred, anger and fear. 


Do you know the best way to overcome the austerity measures? It is through love. Just find love in your heart, and if you feel fear, get rid of the fear and replace it with love. 

Remember, that nothing can harm you. Nothing will hurt you. If something is difficult and challenging, it is only a time of growth. That is all that it is.

It is time for people to wake up. To be awake. To be fully conscious. To see the scams and the trickery that happens in politics. How money is no longer distributed for the wealth of all. Instead, money is made for the elite greedy few. Whilst others struggle to survive and constantly live in fear. 

Our countries are in debt? Did we, the people choose to go to war? Did we? Did we the people cause the banking crisis? No the people didn’t choose it. Yet it is the people who are suffering and paying. 

In the last world wars, people got through those times, by love. By sharing the love, by helping each other and by unity. That is the spirit that got people through. 

We all are one. We all are united. Those that invest all of their focus onto money and greed and materialism, are focusing on the wrong thing. We have all that we need inside of ourself. 

We are love. You are love. Love – will always overcome fear! 🙂 

Pull together, give, love, share. By giving, loving and sharing, you will help yourself!! 



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