Message from spirit – music is the vibration of your soul!

Summer Solstice Stonehenge 2008
Summer Solstice Stonehenge 2008

The summer solstice 2008, was an interesting time, and a time when I was to learn a lot spiritually. I am unsure where my headspace was at the time. My cousin who was 23 had been found dead outside in wasteland, and my own life was just starting an interesting magical journey.

Only two months earlier, my life and my world was about to change. I had been bored, and quite frustrated as my own children, had reached teenage years, and were now heading towards their 20’s.

Two months earlier, my life had started on a radical change. That would bring lots of new people into my life. I had been told by a psychic/medium to accept every invitation, that no harm would come to me. I of course, took this literally, which meant I didn’t have one weekend at home from May – Dec 31st 2008.

It was June 2008, with some amazing new friends in tow, we went to summer solstice at Stonehenge. I had no idea of the events that would unfold this night.

We took photos, just larking around. We took photos of a set of bongos, and were surprised to see what looked like Orbs.


As we stared at the photo on the small screen on the back of my camera,myself and a friend Kayla, half heartedly joked

Ok spirit if you want to be in on the picture, come on in, stand in the photo with us…


Ok, now don’t laugh at the hat. It wasn’t even mine. It was cold at night after a hot day, and I borrowed it from a friend 🙂 Honestly!! I have blown up these photos, and I can clearly see the orange light that sounds the white circles. We laughed about this and went on our way to the stones to celebrate Solstice.

A life lesson about harmony and music being the vibration of your soul

I was no stranger to hearing spirit. I think it was no coincidence that this increased after my cousin died, we both had a passion for music.

A friend of mine came with a plastic tub and offered me what looked like chocolate brownies. Or at least this is what I thought they were. I had no idea that what I was actually eating, was magic cakes. I wondered why I was suddenly so hungry, and with nothing else to eat, ate more of the ‘what I was later to understand’ magic cakes.

I became fascinated by the music. People playing the drums. All were in harmony, except one who appeared to play music to his own rhythm. I heard a dialogue running through my head. Which sounded like my cousin who died voice.

Can you hear this Nik?

I sat, transfixed by the beat of the music.The voice in my head continued….

These people are playing the drums. The pattern of the music that they are playing, is the vibration of their soul. Can you hear them all in tune? That is because their spirits are working in harmony together. Can you see/hear that drummer over there? He is playing his own rhythm, with no thought of anyone else, no harmony with anyone else. He is disconnected from the group. He is on his own.

I peered over with interest, listening to the solitary drummer. The voice continued in my head……

Do you know when you hear the term ‘get a bad vibe from someone?’ this is because all of our souls have a vibration. Normally you cannot hear the vibration. Tonight they are playing the vibration of their souls through their drums. If this was the ‘real world’ some might say that they get a ‘bad vibe’ from the solitary drummer. yet not know or understand why. It is when your vibration of your soul is not in harmony with another and it clashes with your own vibration. This happens all of the time in real life. yet most do not understand why.

I am unsure what happened for the rest of the night. Yet I know that this dialogue continued for many hours. Until it was 8am, and security nudged my leg and I heard a voice,

Come on, wake up, its time to go home now.

I was grateful for the lesson that I had learned that night. I realised that the people that were brought into my life, at that time, were all similar to me. Not only this we all connected through music.

2008 was to be an incredible year, where music would be a big part of my life. All new friends that connected, we were all on the same vibration, not only musically but spiritually too.

It is a lesson that I have never forgotten.


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