Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Psychic



A while ago, I was talking to a lady online, as I was talking to her, I had a strong sense of a little girl, around 8 years old, with long blonde hair, smiling, and swinging a hula hoop. I had the strong sense that she had died in a road traffic accident.

I felt an urge to tell the lady this, but wondered how this would be perceived? I told her what I saw, and what I felt, and what the little girl looked like.

The woman replied:

Ah, yes, that is my sister. She was accidently killed by my father, when she was 8 years old, she was outside playing. My father reversed a car out of the drive, and accidently killed her. I wondered about the hula hoop? She said, ‘my favourite photo of us, is a photo of us both together with our hula hoops, this photo sits on my fireplace’.

Clairvoyance, Psychic

I have a friend who lives in Australia. She had Skyped me, video chat last night, and was upset. She had been out for the night, on a date, and the guy had treated her badly, saying that he was going to the toilet, not coming back. Leaving her standing at the bar alone. She came back to her house, upset, and said that this had never happened to her.

She asked me if I could do a tarot reading for her? What about another man, she asked? I immediately sensed, that she wasn’t going to be with either of these men. I pulled 3 cards, and my feeling was confirmed, as I pulled

  • Ace Cups
  • The Fool
  • 6 Cups

I told her, that I felt the man, that she would be with, would be someone from her past, that she had been I a relationship with previously, and that she needed to take a risk. In pictures, I saw a man, with a huge heart. His heart was so big, it almost took up the entire part of his body. I could see him walking into her home, and through the front door. He was physically shorter than her. I said I had the sense that he was the type of man, who was perhaps quieter than her. A man who was likely an earth sign, he looked up to her in awe. Although she could be a bit crazy, he adored her. He was scared of being hurt, but I saw him holding her hand, and saw them both standing on a large boat together.

She struggled to believe this. Said that her husband, who she hadn’t yet divorced, fitted this description. He was shorter than her, his star sign was Capricorn, but that they hadn’t spoken In months. She said that he hated her, didn’t want to speak to her, and that he was filing for divorce.

I told her that this wasn’t true, if it was the same man, that I was seeing, he had a lot of love in his heart for her. He thought the world of her.

It was 2.30am (Australian time) she said that she would call him, but likely he would put the phone down on her. I didn’t think that 2.30am, was the best time, but she went ahead with the call. It was clear from hearing the call, that this was the man I had seen. She asked him to come over, even though it was now 3am, and he had been asleep in bed, he was there at her house ten to fifteen minutes later.

The outcome, and what will be, will really be up to her. She has a man who loves, and adores her. She can keep pursuing other men, get hurt, and let down – or maybe, she will take the risk, and realise that perhaps the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Somehow, I think that is exactly what she will do. I was happy to have helped my friend, and think that she might be heading back on the right track in life, with a man, who loves her for exactly who she is.


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